buy Tardis Cup With Straw

Tardis Cup With Straw

Doctor Who Tardis travel Cup With Straw

If you travel a lot between time and space then you know that you will get thirsty and for that reason there now is this Doctor Who travel cup with straw.

Of course to make the Doctor feel at home they made this cup Tardis blue and even has the print on it to make it look like a police box.

This acrylic cup can hold up to 18 ounce of liquid and unfortunately it is not bigger on the inside.
The Doctor Who Tardis cup is acrylic and BPA free and is double walled to prevent condensation and to keep your drink on the right temperature just a little bit longer.

So if you are looking for a nice glass to travel with then you are in luck. This Tardis glass is not made from glass so will not break that easy and keeps better to.

Get thirsty and enjoy a drink out of this Doctor Who Tardis Cup With Straw.

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