buy Tardis Belt Buckle

Tardis Belt Buckle

Dr. Who Tardis die-cut Belt Buckle

Are you still waiting for the perfect belt buckle?

Doctor Who fans can stop looking as this Tardis belt buckle is just amazing.

The buckle shows the top of the Tardis including the windows and it’s die cut so shaped like the Tardis and in the color of the Tardis and yes it has the “Police Public Call Box” banner on it to.

This Doctor Who Tardis belt buckle is made from metal and measures 3 3/4″ x 2 1/4″.

Just imagine wearing the Tardis on your belt, your day can’t get much better then that.

I normally wear boring buckles but I really want this Tardis buckle.

If you are like me then don’t wait come get your own Doctor Who Tardis Belt Buckle.

buy Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Belt

Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Belt

dr who Keep Calm I'm The Doctor Belt

Belts are cool as they keep up your pants and this belt is amazing as it is a Doctor Who belt.

This belt is blue and has over the whole length a picture of the Tardis and the text “Keep calm i’m the Doctor”. And then there is the buckle of the belt witch is blue and has in white the Doctor Who logo.

This is a military style belt that comes in one size (46 1/2″ long ) fits most and is easily adjusted to size (by cutting it).

So if you don’t have a belt yet and are a Doctor Who fan then this is the way to go.

Now is the time to order you own Doctor Who Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Belt.

buy Exploding Tardis Belt

Exploding Tardis Belt

Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Belt

By now almost anyone has seen the Vincent van Gogh episode from Doctor Who and we all know that the Tardis could be exploding and that van Gogh made a painting of it.

And now that painting is printed on this belt.

This Doctor Who belt has a seatbelt style buckle and on that buckle there you can find the Doctor Who logo that looks like the Tardis.

So you don’t just get a nice belt you get a Tardis belt with a Doctor Who logo on the buckle.

This belt makes me also wonder why the Tardis does not have seat belts as it often has to make those strange manoeuvres that makes the Doctor Who and his companions fall over and stuff.

But any how do you have a Doctor Who belt? If not then check out this Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Belt.

buy Doctor Who Tardis Belt

Doctor Who Tardis Belt

Doctor Who Tardis collage bent

Are you that Doctor Who fan without a belt?

If so then you have to see this Tardis belt.

The belt has a Tadis collage on so now a true Doctor Who fan has an easy way to keep their pants up.

This Doctor Who belt 1.5″ wide and the waist is adjustable between 27 and 45 inch.
And this Tardis belt has a metal buckle with the Tardis logo on it.

It all looks a bit like a seatbelt and that of course is a way more fun look then a boring leather belt.

If you need a belt for your trip through time and space then you should check out this Doctor Who Tardis Collage Belt.