buy Plush Cyberman That Talks

Plush Cyberman That Talks

Doctor Who Talking Cyberman Plush

A true fan of Doctor Who is not afraid of a Cyberman specially not one that is soft and cuddly.

And this one is because it’s a plush cyberman. No Cybermen army here just one lonely Cyberman.

This Doctor Who plush is 9 inch tall and even talks. He will say things like “Upgrading is compulsory.” and “You will become like us or you will be deleted.”.

Even kids can enjoy a cuddle from this Doctor Who enemy as he is safe for kids ages 5 and up.

Just imagine having this scary but cute plush sitting on your couch next to you while you watch your favorite Doctor Who episode over and over.

Come give this plush a home, come get your Doctor Who Cyberman Plush.

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