buy Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt

Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt

River Song Doctor Who River Song Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt for the true Dr. Who fan

River Song was such a interesting character in the Doctor Who series and I hope we see her back one day.

But in the mean time this t-shirt can be a fun reminder of her.

On this t-shirt you can see her famous blue journal surrounded by a banner that says “Hello Sweetie” as we heard River Song say so often.

This Doctor Who inspired t-shirt comes in 18 colors and men and women’s cuts in many sizes so that all the true fans of River Song can wear one.

It’s just fun to remember those good old days when River Song and her mom Amy and the 11th Doctor where all still there.

But for now we have to do with this River Song Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt.