buy Tardis Toothbrush Holder

Tardis Toothbrush Holder

Dr. Who Tardis Toothbrush Holder

You seen the Tardis soap dispenser for you bathroom and now that Tardis can have a Tardis friend next to it.

This time it is a Tardis toothbrush holder. This Doctor Who toothbrush holder is made from ceramic and that of course add to the experience of this amazing looking product.

The top of this ceramic Tardis has 4 holes in witch you can place your favorite toothbrush and in the bottom, there are 8 drain holes to make sure that water will not get stuck in the Tardis toothbrush holder.

And this ceramic toothbrush holder has all the details you expect from the Tardis and it is even hand painted to give you the quality you deserve.

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