buy Tardis Nail Art

Tardis Nail Art

Doctor Who Tardis Nail Art

Do you finger nails need a bit of Doctor Who magic?

How about some Tardis nail art? This nail art made by Minx Nails will give each finger a Tardis.

Each set of Tardis nail art comes with two sheets of nail coverings (one for each hand) and each sheet has 8 nail covers so that it will fit perfectly for your nails. These Minx nail coverings are used by the celebrities and now you can be one of them.

The Tardis nail art will last up to a week and for sure will get you attention.

Just imagine having Tardis nails at school or as part of you Tardis costume.

If you are a Doctor Who fan with boring nails then you have to come see this Doctor Who Tardis Nail Art.

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