buy Tardis Filigree Style Ring

Tardis Filigree Style Ring

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a special Tardis ring then this is the one you want.

This silver colored ring is in a filigree style and that means not just a plain band but special metal work that just looks amazing.

And to top it all off this Doctor Who ring of course has the Tardis on it and it has blue stones on it to give the Tardis that typical color and that makes this piece of jewelry even more special.

The Doctor Who Tardis ring has an open end and that makes it possible to adjust the size so that it will fit you like you want.

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buy Doctor Who And Companion Ring Set

Doctor Who And Companion Ring Set

Now you can a ring set that is perfect for you or even better perfect to share with a love one.

This set includes two metal rings one says “The Doctor” and the other says “Companion” and both have that engraved in it.

The Doctor’s ring is a size 10 and the Companion one is a size 7 and just imagine showing up with something like this on Valentine’s Day.

The officially licensed Doctor Who ring set has a chrome finish with blue engraving and just make the perfect set for you and your Doctor Who loving friend. His and Her jewelry sets don’t come by often but when something like this shows up you should not ignore it.

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buy Tardis Ring

Tardis Ring

Doctor Who Tardis Ring

Are you looking for a unique quality piece of Doctor Who jewelry?

Look no further as you found it.

This Tardis ring is made from sturdy 1/2″ wide hypo-allergenic aluminum. And is hand stamped specially for you.
On the back the Tardis ring is open and that makes is adjustable in size to make it fit you perfectly.

A Doctor Who fan who wants a special ring can now have one almost nobody has and that makes this also a perfect gift for a loved one.

Now you can become the person with the Tardis on their finger and who doesn’t want to be that.

So Doctor Who fans wait no longer and come see this Doctor Who Tardis Ring.

buy Bad Wolf Wrap Around Ring

Bad Wolf Wrap Around Ring

Doctor Who fans are gone love this amazing looking ring.

The ring is wrap around and one size that you can adjust a bit. On the outside of the ring it says “Bad Wolf” and inside you can find the Doctor Who logo.

This metal ring does look a bit rough and that gives it the character it deserves.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a special piece of Doctor Who jewelry as a present or if you want it for yourself.
This ring is just to stunning not to own.

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