buy Weeping Angel Pendant Necklace

Weeping Angel Pendant Necklace

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Pendant Necklace

Weeping Angels are scary and for that reason you should be wearing this pendant necklace.

This Doctor Who necklace has a 16 inch chain with a 3 inch extender and on that you find a 1 1/4″ round pendant.

And this pendant shows a Weeping Angel holding it’s eyes covered. And behind the angel there you find all kind  of warning messages like “Don’t Blink” and “Blink and you’re dead” just the messages we all know from the Doctor Who episodes that showed us the Weeping Angels.

The nice thing about the pendant is that the Weeping Angel is silver in color just like the side of the pendant but completely different from the background making the angel really pop.

Sure you need some Doctor Who jewelry and this necklace could be it so come get your Doctor Who Weeping Angel Pendant Necklace.

buy Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant

So you have a nice necklace but nothing cool dangling on it.

Hmmm maybe Doctor Who can help.

This is a Doctor Who necklace pendant that spells Bad Wolf and the D and W also make a blue Doctor Who logo and on top of that is the hanging point.

The Doctor Who pendant is about 1 inch wide and is made from a zinc alloy.

You have to admit that this is a real special piece of Doctor Who jewelry and I am sure that it would look stunning on you.

Remember the world about Bad Wolf with this Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant.