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Tardis Lunch Box

If you like lunch and Doctor Who then you have to check this Tardis lunch box.

The lunch box is a soft bag with the outside looking like the Tardis with the door signs, windows and top sign all on the Tardis blue fabric.

The Doctor Who lunch box comes with an adjustable carry strap that you can take off as the bag also has a carry handle so that it is easy to take to the lunch room at school or work.

And the lunch box is not bigger on the inside but still pretty big and the inside lining is antimicrobial properties, resist odor, mold and mildew,is easy-to-clean, and is food safe so you could eat out of it.

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Tardis Shaped Lunch Box

If it is lunch time and you are hungry for fish fingers and custard then you just wished that you had this Tardis shaped lunch box to store your typical Doctor Who lunch into.

The lunch box is not the typical shape, this Doctor Who lunch box is tall just like the Tardis and the front looks like the doors from the Tardis and on the side it says in big letters “Doctor Who” with a smaller image of the Tardis and some gears in the background.

The Tardis lunch box is made from metal and that almost makes it to nice for everyday lunch but it does work for lunch and works great for storing collectibles too.

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Tardis Lunch Bag

Lunch boxes comes in all shaped and sizes but now there is this cooler bag that looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who and that is all you ever need.

This lunch bag is Tardis blue with on the front the front door of the Tardis complete with the “Police Public Call Box” sign and the door signs.

The Doctor Who lunch box closes with a zipper and measures 7 x 9 x 3 inch and is insulated to keep your food at the right temperature.

Even time traveler get hungry and maybe this can hold your batch of fish finger and custard.

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Tardis Lunch Box

Doctor Who Lunch Box shaped like the Tardis

This is lunch box is perfect for a Doctor Who fan that wants to take it’s own lunch to school or work.

The metal lunch box has a black handle on the top and besides that it just looks like the Tardis police box from Doctor Who.

Just imagine taking this lunch box with you lunch in it. And I don’t know how much space is on the inside as it is the Tardis it maybe limit less in space.

And sure a real Doctor Who collector want to keeps this box clean of food but then you can still use it for small items as a storage box.

Doctor Who fans come and get your own Tardis Metal Lunch Box.

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Tardis And Dalek Comic Style Lunch Box

Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek Comic Style Lunch Box

A metal lunch box is great for collecting specially if it is a Doctor Who lunch box.

This lunch box has a comic style feel with the Tardis on one side and a Dalek on the other and yes it says Doctor Who on there to and even on the sides you will find the Tardis and Dalek. This lunch box is not just Tardis blue because that has been done this one is a lighter blue with yellow giving it a fun look.

And this lunch box is great for lunch, it’s 9 x 7 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch dimension leave plenty of room for food. But besides lunch this is also just a perfect storage tin for small things or maybe a part of your Doctor Who collection.

Time for lunch or time or organize for either one you could use this Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek Comic Style Lunch Box.

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1st and 11th Doctor Action Figure and Lunch Box

dr. who 1st and 11th Doctor Action Figure and Lunch Box

Doctor Who fans that are looking for that really special item for their Doctor Who collection should check this one out.

First of all there is a tin lunch box with great graphics and a different picture on each side. You will of course find the Tardis and many of the Doctor’s enemies and that makes it a great item to have.

But it does not stop there.

Inside the Doctor Who lunch box you will find two action figures.

One is the 1st Doctor Who played by William Hartnell and then there is another action figure and this time it is the 11th Doctor as played by Matt Smith. Both Doctor Who action figures are about 8 inch tall and wear real fabric clothing and of course come with accessories and both have multiple points of articulation.

A set like this is real special and a must have for a true Doctor Who collector. This set is made because of the 50th anniversary of the Doctor so it could be gone before you know it.

Now is the time to get your Doctor Who Lunch Box and Action Figure Set.

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Tardis Metal Lunch Box

Dr. Who Tardis Metal Lunch Box

If you take you own lunch to school or work then you need a lunch box and as a Doctor Who fan you of course want a nice lunch box that has something to do with the Doctor.

We found this metal Tardis lunch box.

Unfortunately it is not bigger on the inside but it is a Tardis limited edition lunch box.
As expected the lunch box is mainly blue and looks like the blue police box that the Doctor used to travel to time and space and on the sides of the lunch box it says in big letters “Doctor Who”.

The Tardis lunch box is 8 5/8 x 6 3/4 x 4 inch in size and is great for work or school or to collect other things in.

When lunch time is coming you really want this Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box.