buy Tardis Zippo Lighter

Tardis Zippo Lighter

We all know that Doctor Who is awesome and smokers know that Zippo lighters are awesome to.

So why not combine the two?

No there is this Zippo 250 lighter that has an engraved Tardis on it so now Doctor Who and Zippo come together and this will be super awesome.

If you have a friend that smokes or maybe even yourself this Tardis lighter makes a nice present and it comes in a gift box to make it the perfect Doctor Who present.

Smoker or not a Zippo lighter as nice as this one just has to be part of your Doctor Who collection.

Get your Tardis Zippo Lighter

buy Dalek Zippo Lighter

Dalek Zippo Lighter

This is a classic Zippo 250 lighter that comes in a gift box.

But it also has a Dalek engraved on it and even the words “Incinerate!” as that is why fire does.

A great lighter now becomes even better as now it is a Doctor Who Zippo and if you smoke then you know what to get.

No more cheap trow away lighters go with a Dalek lighter because you know that it will Exterminate the competition.

This Specially engraved lighter makes the perfect present for the smoking Doctor Who fan.

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