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Tardis Ring Box

Now you can put that amazing ring in this Tardis Ring Box.

This special ring box is just perfect to surprise a Doctor Who fan with when you got that special ring for maybe even an engagement.

The box is decorated like the Tardis with the windows and door panels on it like you expect from a police box including the signs and everything.

Inside you can choose to have a ring couches or just a plain box and on the inside on the lid it says “Hello Sweetie” to make it even more perfect and fun.

A little Doctor Who jewelry box like this is a must have to surprise the Doctor Who fan in your life.

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buy Tardis Jewelry Box

Tardis Jewelry Box

Dr. Who Tardis Jewelry Box

Now all your Doctor Who jewelry can live in a neat space that is right for it.

This is a Tardis jewelry box and it almost seems like it is bigger on the inside.

The Doctor Who jewelry box has 7 drawers for jewelry, 3 hooks for rings and even a little mirror.

Not only is this a great way to store your rings, bracelets and necklaces it also is so fitting for a Doctor Who fan as it looks so much like the Tardis.

If you jewelry is just lying around somewhere in your room then a jewelry box can really help and if it looks like the Tardis then it has to be a done deal.

Come and check out all the details of this Doctor Who Tardis Jewelry Box.