buy Exploding Tardis Queen Size Comforter

Exploding Tardis Queen Size Comforter

A good nights sleep means nice and comfortable sheets and if you are a true Doctor Who fan then this comforter can help you with that.

This is a queen size comforter with on the back a just plain blue color but on the front you can see the image of the exploding Tardis like Vincent Van Gogh painted it.

Now while sleeping you can think back of that adventure with the 11th Doctor and how the explosion got found by Amy on a painting.

This Doctor Who comforter is 88 x 86 inch and does not included pillows or sheets.

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buy Tardis Doors Comforter

Tardis Doors Comforter

OK maybe the Doctor did come and get your as his new companion but this Tardis comforter is a great way to practice how it is to be close to the Tardis.

This queen size comforter is Tardis blue of course and looks like the front doors of the Tardis complete with signs and windows.

Made from 100% polyester this 86 x 88 inch comforter is a great item for a bedroom of a true Doctor Who fan.

Just imagine seeing the Tardis lying on your bed that has to be a real special experience.

Now dreaming about a new Doctor Who adventure will be so easy.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Duvet Cover Set (Single and Double)

Doctor Who Tardis Duvet Cover Set (Single and Double)

Doctor Who Tardis Duvet Cover Set

Did you even wonder how it would feel to sleep in the Tardis?

OK many of us did and most of us will never see this happen. But we found the next best thing.

A duvet cover set that looks like the Tardis and this set is available as a single or a double bed so you can even share you Tardis sleeping experience with your companion.

The duvet cover and pillow case are white with blue printing of the Tardis on it. This set is so cool that you just want to go to sleep right away and dream of traveling in the Tardis.

Come and check out these Doctor Who Tardis Duvet Cover Sets.