buy Sonic Screwdriver Key Chain

Sonic Screwdriver Key Chain

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Key Chain and flashlight

A Doctor Who fan of course wants a Sonic Screwdriver and a real one is hard to get but this screwdriver looks like the one the 10th Doctor uses.

It is 3.5 inch long and is a key chain with a build in torch.

So now you can have your keys live with a Sonic Screwdriver and of course you don’t have to use it as a key chain.

You can hang it on your purse, backpack or maybe use it as zipper pull for you jacket.

Thanks to the Doctor you don’t have to stand in the dark any more either because of the build in blue flashlight.

What do you think? I think I really want one. If you do to then come check out this Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Key Chain And Flashlight.

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