buy Dalek Orange Beach Towel

Dalek Orange Beach Towel

Are you worried that someone will steal your spot on the beach?

If so then you need to bring some fire power and what better way to do so then with a Dalek towel.
This orange towel shows a Dalek in attack mode and below it it says “Exterminate” just like we are used to hear from the Dalek’s.

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a towel then this could be a great addition to your collection of towels.

The Doctor Who towel is made from 100% cotton for optimum softness and absorption.

Get your Dalek Orange Beach Towel

buy Tardis Dress

Tardis Dress

Doctor Who Tardis costume dress

The Doctor would be nowhere without his trusted Tardis so if you want to be the Doctor’s next companion then maybe you should dress like you are the Tardis.

This fun sleeve less Tardis dress will make you be the perfect companion for Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who dress is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is available in sizes Small – 3X-Large.

The nice blue dress has a print on the front that makes it look just like the Tardis and that makes it perfect for everyday where or for a costume party.

Become the Tardis by just wearing this Doctor Who Tardis Dress.

buy 2e Doctors And Their Screwdrivers T-Shirt

2e Doctors And Their Screwdrivers T-Shirt

2e Doctors And Screwdrivers T-Shirt

What is that two Doctor’s on one t-shirt!

Yes the 10th and 11th Doctor are standing next to each other holding out their Sonic Screwdrivers ready to use it.
Of course it looks like the famous scene from Pulp Fiction.

And this t-shirt is not just a women’s shirt it also comes in a guys version so click on the picture above to see that  version to. And this 100% cotton Doctor Who t-shirt is available in some other fun colors to.

If you like to see David Tennant and Matt Smith work their magic as Doctors then you have check out this shirt.
And you can get this amazing Doctor Who t-shirt in sizes Small – X-Large.

So wait no longer, come see this 2e Doctors And Their Sonic Screwdrivers T-Shirt.

buy White Dalek Button

White Dalek Button

Doctor Who White Dalek Button

If you are a true friend of Doctor Who then of course you need to warn the planet about the Dalek’s and what better way to do that then carry a picture of them with you all the time.

This buttons shows a picture of the Dalek and this means that you can easily pin one on almost anything that is made from fabric.

You backpack, t-shirt, jacket, pants or hat all can use a Doctor Who Dalek Button.

This button is 2.25″ in diameter and shows a white background on witch you can see a drawing of a Dalek.

The buttons is printed with a fade resistant ink and has a UV protecting layer so that your new Dalek button can last a long time.

If you want to help the Doctor rescue the world then come and get your Doctor Who White Dalek Button.

buy Doctor Who The Complete David Tennant Years DVD Set

Doctor Who The Complete David Tennant Years DVD Set

Doctor Who The Complete David Tennant Years DVD Set

If the 10th Doctor is your favorite then this would be the DVD set to get.

This DVD set offers the complete David Tennant years so all the episodes of the 10th Doctor and tons of extra’s.

Doctor Who fans can start enjoying series 2, 3 and 4 all over again and then there are tons of extra’s to enjoy as well.

This complete set of David Tennant DVD’s as Doctor Who is good for 40 hours of amazing TV and that all in a great looking box set and of course 26 DVD’s.

So if your Doctor Who collection is missing the David Tennant years then come and get your Doctor Who The Complete David Tennant Years DVD Set.

buy Tardis Space Program Sticker

Tardis Space Program Sticker

This sticker looks a lot like the NASA logo but instead of NASA it says TARDIS and it even has the Tardis flying around.

If you are the Doctor Who fan that is in need of a nice sticker then you need this Tardis sticker.

The sticker can be used on almost any flat surface and it is dye cut so it looks great on for instance your laptop, locker, journal, window or even your car.

The Tardis sticker is made from waterproof vinyl and that means that you can use it outdoors to.
And the sticker is easy to remove so if you ever would get sick of the Doctor then you can always get it off.

Get your Tardis Space Program Sticker

buy Doctor Who Logo Hoodie

Doctor Who Logo Hoodie

Doctor Who Logo Hoodie

We don’t want to get cold while watching episodes of the Doctor and that means a nice hoodie would keep you warm.

Now there is this hoodie with the Doctor Who logo on it.

The hoodie is black and has the famous DW logo that looks a bit like the Tardis on it and it even has the words “Doctor Who” on it to.

This Doctor Who hoodie will make people look at you and then they are gone ask you where you can buy one.

And lucky for all those people this Doctor Who logo hoodie is available in a wide selection of sizes from Medium to 3X-Large.

So get warm and ready for the Doctor in this Doctor Who Logo Hoodie.

buy My Other Ride Is The Tardis Key Chain

My Other Ride Is The Tardis Key Chain

Doctor Who My Other Ride Is The Tardis Key Chain

This is the key chain Doctor Who should have.

It says “My other ride is the Tardis” and has a cute little picture of the Tardis on it to.

And this is not a cheap plastic key chain no this one is made from tarnish-free aluminum and that makes it nice looking durable and strong. And the print is not printed on the Doctor Who key chain no it is hand stamped into the metal.

So now you know that this Tardis key chain is unique and special and that makes it a perfect gift for any fan of the Doctor or of course for yourself.

Does your ride have a key chain? If not then come get your own Doctor Who Tardis Key Chain.

buy Dalek To Victory Mug

Dalek To Victory Mug

Dalek To Victory Mug

If you like a mug that shows one of the Doctors enemies the Dalek then you are in luck.

This mug shows the poster that is shown in the Doctor Who episode “Victory of the Daleks”.

Of course Winston Churchill didn’t know that their Ironsides where Daleks not to help their war but to win their own. And in this Doctor Who episode you can see that they made war posters with the Ironsides and the words “To Victory”. And this poster is place on this porcelain mug.

So if you are a true Doctor Who fan that needs a cup of tea once in a while then what better place to put it in then in this Dalek mug.

And now could be a good time for a drink don’t wait come and order your Doctor Who Dalek To Victory Mug.

buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case

Doctor Who Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case

Do you have a phone that does not look like the Tardis police box?

No worries we can fix that with a nice case.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 then you can look at this case that looks just like the Tardis so now you will always carry a bit of the Doctor with you and Doctor Who will protect your phone as a favor to you.

The Tardis case is made by Case-Mate who are famous for there quality cases.
This Tardis Samsung case has a hard shell that fits perfectly on your phone and it has a shock absorbing liner to make sure you phone will be in perfect shape.

Come and have a better look at this Doctor Who Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case.