Tardis Earrings


2 pairs of Dr. Who Tardis earrings

Did you always wanted some Doctor Who earrings?

If so then you are in luck because now you can get this set of two pairs of Tardis earrings.

Jewelry needs to be special and if you are a true fan of the Doctor then these earrings are special.

The first set of earrings just show the Tardis in a cloud of smoke and he other pair has a black background and shows the Tardis and below that it says “You never forget your first Doctor”.

The Doctor Who earrings have a diameter of 1 inch making them the perfect size to be there but are also not to much of a show off.

If you want to surprise your special Doctor fan or just yourself then you have to see these Doctor Who Tardis Earrings.

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buy 11th Doctor Travel Mug

11th Doctor Travel Mug

Doctor Who travel mug

Are you always on the go and can’t live with some fresh tea or coffee?

If so then you need this Doctor Who travel mug.

This mug is based on the 11th Doctor and you can see that on the way it is decorated. It wear the clothes of the 11th Doctor complete with his bow tie.

This Doctor Who mug hold up to 16 ounces of you favorite drink.
The travel mug has a plastic outside and a stainless steel inside so no worries about BPA and other bad plastic touching your drink.

Come and lets have a drink out of this Doctor Who Travel Mug.

buy Tardis Pillow

Tardis Pillow

Tardis Pillow

Do you want a piece of Doctor who to cuddle witH?

If so then how about a Tardis pillow?

This 13 x 21 inch lumbar pillow shows the top piece of our favorite police box the Tardis.
On the front and the back of this Doctor Who pillow you can see the same print of the Tardis.

The pillow has a hidden zipper so that you can take the cover of to wash it and of course to check if the Tardis is really bigger on the inside.

Just imagine how fun a Tardis pillow would look on your couch, chair or bed.

Come and check out this fun Doctor Who Tardis Pillow.

buy Tardis It’s Smaller On The Outside T-Shirt

Tardis It’s Smaller On The Outside T-Shirt

Dr. Who Tardis It's Smaller On The Outside T-Shirt

A Doctor Who fan knows that the Tardis is bigger on the inside and this t-shirt says “It’s smaller on the outside with the top of the Tardis above it.

A fun t-shirt like this suppose to be in every Doctor Who collection.

The t-shirt comes in a range of styles for men and women and in a wide selection of colors.

And if the Doctor only allows you to wear organic cotton then no problem they even have a version of that.

If you want to tell the world that you are bigger on inside like the Tardis then this smaller on the outside t-shirt will do.

Come and get your own Tardis It’s Smaller On The Outside T-Shirt.

buy Tardis Through The Galaxy Mousepad

Tardis Through The Galaxy Mousepad

Tardis Through The Galaxy Mousepad

Doctor Who is known for his travels through space and time and as we know he does that in his trusted Tardis and now you can have a picture of the Tardis traveling through space on your desk.

This is a Doctor Who mousepad complete with the Doctor Who logo and a picture of the galaxy and a flying Tardis.

This quality mousepad will look so great on you desk and can replace any boring mousepad any day.

So if your desk need a mousepad then you need this Doctor Who Tardis Mousepad.

buy Close Up Dalek iPhone And iPod Touch Case

Close Up Dalek iPhone And iPod Touch Case

Doctor Who Close Up Dalek iPhone And iPod Touch Case

The Time Lord is always on the lookout for a Dalek and now you can protect your iPhone or iPod touch in a case that has a close up picture of a Dalek on it. It’s great to have a case with a Dalek so that you know immediately when you see one.

A Doctor Who fan that does not want the standard Tardis or Doctor Who case will be so happy with this case.

The picture is not just printed on top of the case, it is printed in the case so that you don’t have to worry that it ever flakes or scraps of.

And this Dalek case is available for a wide range of Apple products.

You can get this case for the:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod Touch 4e generation

And of course a great case like this will protect you phone from harm while keeping the ports and buttons available for use.

So if you are that Doctor Who fan that wants a Dalek case then you have to check out this Close Up Dalek iPhone And iPod Touch Case.


buy Van Gogh Tardis Leggings

Van Gogh Tardis Leggings

It is a known fact that Doctor Who and Vincent van Gogh met in 1890 and now you can see the results of that.

These leggings show a piece of art designed by van Gogh and it really means that now you can have Tardis leggings.

The Doctor Who leggings show the Tardis while traveling through space and time and that all in a oil painting style as we are expecting to see from the Dutch painter.

These Tardis leggings are made from 100% polyester and come in a wide selection of adult sizes from Small – 3XL.

Get your Van Gogh Tardis Leggings

buy The 11th Doctor T-Shirt

The 11th Doctor T-Shirt

Who is you favorite Doctor?

If it is the 11th Doctor then you are in luck as this t-shirt shows you a nice portrait of Matt Smith as Doctor Who.

The t-shirt is available in a wide selection of colors and styles for men, women and kids.

And on this Doctor Who t-shirt you see Matt holding his sonic screwdriver and below that the words “Doctor Who” with the Tardis logo. And below that it says “Matt Smith (2010 – )” and sure after the – it doesn’t say a year as he is still the active Doctor.

Get your The 11th Doctor T-Shirt

Tardis Leggings


Shop for you Doctor Who leggings

To cold for bare legs?

Great because then you can wear some fun Doctor Who leggings.

Now there are those blue leggings that show a bit of a galaxy but just far in the background but on one leg you can see a picture of the Tardis and this picture wraps around almost completely around the leg so that people can see it on the front, back and the side.

Just imagine how fun these leggings will look on you just like that or with a nice skirt or dress.

And these Doctor Who Tardis leggings are available in a wide range of sizes to be a perfect fit.

Come have a better look from all angels of these Doctor Who Tardis Leggings. 

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Tardis Zippo Lighter


Shop Doctor Who Tardis Zippo Lighter

We all know that Doctor Who is awesome and smokers know that Zippo lighters are awesome to.

So why not combine the two?

No there is this Zippo 250 lighter that has an engraved Tardis on it so now Doctor Who and Zippo come together and this will be super awesome.

If you have a friend that smokes or maybe even yourself this Tardis lighter makes a nice present and it comes in a gift box to make it the perfect Doctor Who present.

Smoker or not a Zippo lighter as nice as this one just has to be part of your Doctor Who collection.

Come and have a much better look at this Doctor Who Tardis Lighter.

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