buy Doctor Who Quotes Pencils

Doctor Who Quotes Pencils

Doctor Who Quotes Pencils

Now you can have this set of Doctor Who Quotes Pencils.

There are 5 pencil in the pack of which 3 are Tardis blue and 2 are white and each have a different quote on it.

And here is what you will find on the pencils

  • Madman with a box
  • Don’t blink
  • Wobbly – Wobbly Time – Wimey
  • I am the Doctor
  • Hold Tight And Pretend It’s A Plan

So now you can use these fun pencils at home, school, or even the office. If you are a Doctor Who fan that needs pencils then these are the once you really need as they are so much more special then the average pencil.

Get your Doctor Who Quotes Pencils

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