buy Dalek Apple iPad Case

Dalek Apple iPad Case

Doctor Who Dalek Apple iPad Case

So you have an iPad and you don’t want to change the look to much but would like to ad a bit of Doctor Who.

This case can do that.

The Doctor Who iPad case shows the normal Apple logo but not the normal bite out of it this time the bite is done by an eval being called the Dalek and yes the bite is shaped like the Dalek to.
And that makes this an Dalek iPad case.

You can get this case for a wide range of iPad models:

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3e generation
  • iPad 4e generation

And this case will keep all the ports available for you to use and it even allows you to keep using a Apple Smart Cover for the front of your iPad.

So if you like a nice black iPad case then check out this Doctor Who Dalek Apple iPad Case.