buy 6th Doctor Bust Mug

6th Doctor Bust Mug

Doctor Who 6th Doctor Bust Mug

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate all need the perfect mug the be served in.
If you are a Doctor Who fan then of course a Doctor Who mug would be perfect but witch one?

This mug is shaped like the 6th Doctor.

It a figural bust mug and that means that you put your hot drink in the Doctor’s head and drink out of it.

And this bust mug looks so much like the 6th Doctor and it even shows parts of his clothing.

OK it maybe a bit freaky when you open a kitchen cabinet and this Doctor Who mug is staring at you but you will get used to it and then you can drink you favorite  drinks with Doctor Who.

Come and check out this Doctor Who 6th Doctor Bust Mug.