buy 10th Doctor Pillow

10th Doctor Pillow

Doctor Who David Tennant pillow

Is David Tennant your favorite Doctor?

If so then you definitely have take a closer look at this Doctor Who pillow.

This pillow is white and on that there is a huge picture of the 10th Doctor and to make this pillow even better the picture is on the front and the back so you get two Doctor’s on one pillow.

This Doctor Who pillow is available as a pillow case or as a filled pillow and both have a hidden zipper.

And this David Tennant pillow comes in 3 sizes 16 x 16 inch, 18 x 18 inch and extra big 20 x 20 inch.

Just imagine watching Doctor Who with this pillow on your couch or chair.

Come and check out this Doctor Who David Tennant Pillow.