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Cybermen Magnet

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Know you enemies and a good way to remember them all is to have them as magnets on your fridge.

This is a magnet of a Cyberman it is a red magnet and has a picture of the head and below that the text “Cybermen”.

I am sure that Doctor Who would like it if people mark their fridges with this magnet so that everyone knows what to look for.

The Cybermen magnet is 2 x 3 inch and is easy to clean incase of a food fight.

Of course a Doctor Who magnet is not only for the fridge you can stick them on any metal surface. Maybe you locker at school or you cubical at work both would be amazing place to have a Cybermen magnet.

Where ever you want to place this magnet first you have to order your Doctor Who Cybermen Magnet.

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Dalek Exterminate Magnet

We all would like a Doctor Who magnet but how about a Dalek magnet?

If you would like a magnet from one of the Doctor’s enemies then this Dalek magnet is perfect.

The magnet is mainly blue and shows the top of a Dalek and below that in yellow print the word used by the Dalek “EXTERMINATE!”.

This 2×3 Doctor Who magnet would look amazing on your fridge, locker or anything else made from metal. I even wonder if it would stick on an actual Dalek.

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