buy 7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat

7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat

Doctor Who 7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat

Now there is this really special 7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat that is just the perfect winter hat for a true fan of Doctor Who.

Are you a Doctor Who fan that doesn’t just like the last version of the Doctor then this beanie hat is what you need.

As a true fan you know that they 7th Doctor wears a nice sweater with a very special design as it is yellow and is covered in question marks all over it and that color combination and design can be found on this winter hat.

This Doctor Who winter hat is made from 100% acrylic and is one size first most.

Be ready for winter by getting a beanie that will bring up all kinds of questions to people that see you wear it.

Get your 7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat

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